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Make a wish, it’s Tanabata!

Tanabata, or the "Star Festival", is a Japanese festival that finds its roots in the Chinese Qixi Festival. As the legend goes, the Weaver Princess and Vega star, Orihime, daugther of Tentei, the Sky King, would wove beautiful clothes by the bank of the Heaven River, the Milky Way. Although her father loved the clothes she wove, she was desperately sad, for the hard work did not leave her any free time to meet anyone and fall in love. Moved by her concern, Tentei arranged for her to meet Hikoboshi, the Altair star, who worked on the other side of the Milky Way. Upon meeting each other, the two immediately fell in love and soon married. However, the married couple would now neglect their work: Orihime stopped weaving cloth for her father, and Hikoboshi let his cows stray all over Heaven. In anger, Tentei decided to separate the two lovers across the milky way, and prevent them from ever meeting again. But upon seeing his daughter's sorrow at the loss of her husband, and listening to her plea for them to meet again, he allowed them to meet on the 7th day of the 7th month, on the condition...

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Certificate of Excellence 2017!

Certificate of Excellence 2017! This morning, a nice surprise was waiting for us, the Escape Hunt Tokyo team, in our mailbox: an e-mail from TripAdvisor, informing us that we have been awarded the 2017 Certificate of Excellence! What does this mean? Well, simply that we regularly received great reviews from our lovely detectives! So, from the whole EHT team, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the couples, friends, families, school groups and escape games experts who visited us since we opened nearly two years ago, and left nice reviews for our games, facility and staff! Boosted by this great news, we, the Escape Hunt Tokyo team, will continue to work hard to bring you great customer service, and the best escapes! BOOK NOW

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Rainy season activities!

You have planned a day out in Asakusa, but the rainy season and its unpredictable weather threaten to ruin your plans? Worry no more: Escape Hunt Tokyo will save the day! Our escape games are an ideal way to spend 90 minutes during a rain shower, and here's why: 1. With our booking system, you are sure to enjoy our games without waiting in line, or under the rain! Book online for 10% off on all of our games, and have your game room ready at your arrival, with your Game Master waiting for you. 2. We have three different immersive and live inside games: complete your Zen training, become a Samurai and save the Shogun, or investigate the mysterious disappearance of our Bride... Tease your brain and solve mysteries, all the while staying warm and dry! 3. After an exciting game, debrief with your team and relax with delicious Japanese snacks and hot English tea. 4. Enjoy a photo session with our detective costumes and props, and leave with a timeless souvenir of your time with us! You just spent an amazing 90 minutes at Escape Hunt Tokyo and, oh, a sunny spell! It's now time for you...

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Special Father’s Day Event!

On Father's Day, deepen your family bonds at Escape Hunt Tokyo! This year's Father's Day falls on a Sunday: June 18th. If your father is often busy, either with work, or at home, taking care of the family, this particular day will be the occasion to say a big THANK YOU and spend some quality time with the great man. From June 16th (Friday) to June 18th (Sunday), Escape Hunt Tokyo will hold a special father's day event: join us with your favorite father for the best gift on Father 's Day! In addition to our usual puzzles, gold coins will be hidden in the game rooms during the event. You will get as many chances as coins found to win original Escape Hunt Tokyo goods! On this very special day for all the fathers, why not deepen family bonds while having fun at Escape Hunt Tokyo? We are all looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Escape Hunt Welcomes Tokyo International Players!

Cast and crew for the English language stage production of The Diary of Anne Frank play Samurai Espionage! Team building is necessary for many different kinds of groups to develop closer bonds. This is especially true for actors coming together to create a moving theatrical experience. For the cast and crew of the Tokyo International Players production of The Diary of Anne Frank, Escape Hunt was the perfect place to build trust and work as an ensemble. Director Jonah Hagans put his actors into two competing groups to play the same game, Samurai Espionage. It was an opportunity to see how his actors would work together in a unique environment. “It is important in this show for the actors to use the physical space on stage to create relationships with each other,” the director said. “Playing an escape game early in the production process gave the actors a reference point that could be called upon as they inhabit their characters and encounter the dramatic situations in the play.” Of course, it was also a fun time! The cast in this production is a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds. Because the two teams were playing the same game, everyone...

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Golden Week plan for the family!

Golden Week is approaching fast. Did you already plan your holidays? Allow us to share a memory from one of our team members... >>>BOOK NOW<<< "When I think of Golden Week, childhood memories come back to me. As a child living in a rural area, I realise now that back then, if this holiday time was enjoyable for me, it was more of an ordeal for my father. In the middle of the night before the first day of Golden Week, my parents would put us kids in the car, still sleeping, and my father would drive us for hours to a theme park, my mother slowly falling asleep by his side, on the passenger seat. We would arrive at the theme park's car lot by dawn, only to discover an already long line of cars coming from all regions of Japan. As soon as my father would find a parking spot for us, my siblings and I, overexcited, would start running around, while our exhausted father would queue up at the entrance of the park. Finally, at 8 o'clock, the park would open! As soon as we would go in, my father would start queueing up again to...

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Detective? Suspect? Butler? …

Detective? Suspect? Butler? … Become the main character in a mystery! Everyone loves reading or watching a great mystery. We always think that we could solve the puzzle before the characters in the story do. Are you sure? Now you can put your wits to the test in a real live mystery adventure! >>>BOOK NOW<<< Tucked away on the 6th floor above the streets of Asakusa, the elevator door open on a luxurious lounge with classic leather sofas. This is where your story starts. Your game master briefs you (…can you trust them?…) before guiding you into a mysterious room. With one last “Good luck!” and the closing of a door, the lights come up to reveal the setting for your adventure. After you take in the contents of the room, it is time to start looking for clues, develop a hypothesis, strategize, and execute your plan. Did it work? Try again! But keep a cool head. Patience will reward you with a breakthrough. To unlock each stage of your mystery, you will need all of your critical senses: observation, analysis, logic, intuition, communication, and more. But the mission is not yours alone! You will need to work with...

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This Saturday is Yabusame Festival!

This Saturday April 15th, a very special festival will take place in Asakusa: the Yabusame festival. What is Yabusame? A not very known Japanese martial art, even among the Japanese themselves, Yabusame is a type of mounted archery that dates back to the beginning of the Kamakura period (1192 - 1333). Considered by some as a ritual rather than a sport for its religious aspect, it is only taught in two schools in Japan as of today. What is special about Yabusame? If Yabusame is not a very famous Japanese martial art, it certainly figures among the most spectacular ones, for it is very complex and requires a range of impressive skills. On a 255-metres track, Yabusame archers ride their horses at high speed, and have to shoot three arrows at three successive targets. This implies that they control their horse with only their knees, as their hands are holding the bow and arrow. The three targets are loaded with pink and white confettis beforehand so that when one of them is hit, it bursts in an explosion of what would easily be confused with cherry blossom petals. And if that wasn't enough, all the archers wear elaborate hunting...

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Looking for something exciting to do when friends and family visit Japan?

Looking for something exciting to do when friends and family visit Japan? Looking for something exciting to do when friends and family visit Japan? 7 Reasons to visit ESCAPE HUNT TOKYO! BOOK NOW 1. FUN FOR EVERYONE AGES SEVEN TO SEVENTY Escape Hunt Tokyo is a perfect place to join your friends and family to experience an immersive live escape game. Have a great time together. Check out our great reviews on Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor. 2. FULL BILINGUAL SERVICE Our staff speaks English and Japanese, and the game puzzles are in both languages. No language barrier between you and your escape! 3. DISCOVER JAPANESE CULTURE Our three game rooms, ZEN, Samurai Espionage and Runaway Bride, are all Japanese-themed and decorated with real antique props. Wear a kimono after the game for a memorable photo! 4. NO MATTER THE WEATHER Japanese weather can be temperamental, but Escape Hunt Tokyo is an indoor activity so your day will not be ruined by rain or heat. We are a great place to stay cool and dry! Don't worry! 5. LOCATED IN WORLD-FAMOUS ASAKUSA Historic Asakusa is a must-see for anyone visiting Tokyo. Make the most of your day before or after...

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Easter, bunnies and eggs…

You have probably noticed a lot of cute rabbits and eggs of all shapes and sizes popping up around Tokyo recently, and there is a very good reason for this: it's Easter! If Easter is the most important Christian festival, it is also a holiday that marks the beginning of Spring and celebrates fertility in some cultures, and as such, it is celebrated in many different ways around the world. The date of Easter changes according to the first Sunday following the full moon occurring on or soonest after March 21. This year, Easter will be on April 16, 2017. While the concept of Easter is new here, Japan is a country that loves to create festivals by adopting AND adapting celebrations from around the world. Over the last few years, the Easter season in Japan starts right after the cherry blossom season (beginning of April) and lasts until the rainy season (beginning of June). Around the end of March, a few confectioneries start selling seasonal products on the theme. At the Tokyo Disney Resort, for example, there is a special hunt each year where guests are invited to find characters and eggs hiding around the parks including a...

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Chilly weather for Hanami? After seeing the cherry blossoms, come get warm and dry at Escape Hunt!

Chilly weather for Hanami? After seeing the cherry blossoms, come get warm and dry at Escape Hunt! Welcome to Japan! Now is the time for the world famous cherry blossom season. Visitors from around the globe travel to Japan for a glimpse of the iconic white and pink flower trees. With a long history of planting many “sakura” trees, Tokyo looks spectacular in early April. But it is so cold! While the harbingers of spring get everyone in the mood to stay outdoors, it is not quite warm and dry enough to stay out all day. The Japanese word “hanabie” literally means “flower chill”. BOOK NOW Don’t let the weather discourage you from getting out to see the flowers. But afterward, we here at Escape Hunt Tokyo invite you to come inside to enjoy the sakura atmosphere in our lounge and play some exciting adventure games! Escape Hunt Tokyo is the best place to discover mysteries, find clues, solve puzzles and escape! You and your team only have 60 minutes. Can you do it before time runs out? There are three adventures to choose from: Samurai Espionage, ZEN, and Runaway Bride. We are conveniently located in the heart of...

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On rainy days, it may be wet outside, but it is always fun (and dry) here at Escape Hunt Tokyo!

On rainy days, it may be wet outside, but it is always fun (and dry) here at Escape Hunt Tokyo! When you are looking for something to do, the weather can be a big deciding factor. Tokyo has a great number of things to see and experience, but rainy days can put a damper on your plans. Not to worry! Stay dry and have a great time with your friends and family playing an escape game here at Escape Hunt Tokyo! We have 3 exciting adventures to choose from with plenty of space for your entire group to enjoy. You can play Samurai Espionage, ZEN, or Runaway Bride. No matter which story you go for, you will have one hour to escape. Can you do it? After your game, relax with a cup of hot tea in our players lounge where you can hang out and discuss all of the cool puzzles you discovered. You can even decide to play all 3 of our adventures! When it is time to move on, check the weather and plan what to do next. We are conveniently located in the middle of historic Asakusa with easy access to Tokyo Metro via the...

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Spring Break memories for families at Escape Hunt Tokyo!

Spring Break memories for families at Escape Hunt Tokyo! Spring Break may be short, but you have plenty of time to make great family memories together! Special offer for International School Families Emma played a an exciting game at Escape Hunt Tokyo. Then she came back to play the same game again. The reason may surprise you... Playing an escape game with family is a chance to have a unique experience together. Recently, one of our Game Masters recognized a player who was back at Escape Hunt Tokyo for more fun. This is not unusual because many players who try one of our games are excited to come back for one of our other games. But this time, it seemed that the player was trying the same game as last time. We had to find out why. The player named Emma told us that she had played the ZEN room with friends a few weeks earlier. Because we offer an opportunity for speakers of different languages, ages and interests to work together in a fun environment, many students come to play our games with friends and teachers. Emma had a great time and wanted to share the experience with...

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Sakura Matsuri is early, at EHT!

If you've come to Japan hoping to have a glimpse of the country's famous cherry blossoms, here are a few things you need to know. The cherry blossom season is one of, if not the most anticipated moment of the year for the Japanese people, who take it very seriously. As early as the end of January, a forecast is published that lists up to a thousand different cities spanning the whole country, as well as the dates when the cherry trees are expected to start flowering, but also reach full bloom. According to this forecast, people accross the country get organised and sometimes take a day off to celebrate a centuries-old and cherished ritual, Hanami. For Hanami, or flower viewing, friends and families get together for a picnic under the cherry trees, where special bentos or enjoyed, sake is drunk, and the sakura (cherry blossom) are admired. If, on the outside, this ritual looks like a simple occasion to gather and eat together, it has a much deeper meaning to the Japanese people, taking root in the very nature of the sakura. Coming with the spring, the sakura bloom in a spectacular explosion of white and pink, but...

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From March 11th to 14th, it’s White Day at EHT!

While many countries celebrate love on Valentine's Day, Japan has a second day for all couples: White Day. To understand White Day, one must first understand Valentine's Day as it is celebrated in Japan. On February 14th, girls and women give chocolates to the boys or men of their choice, as a way of confessing their love. Often handmade, to show true love for the person they are intended for, those chocolates are called 本命チョコ (honmei-choco). But 本命チョコ are not the only chocolates gifted on Valentine's Day. There exist three other types of Valentine's chocolates: - 義理チョコ (giri-choco), or "obligation chocolates", given to co-workers and aquaintances - 友チョコ (tomo-choco, short for tomodachi choco), or "friend chocolates", given, you guessed it, to one's friends - 俺チョコ (ore-choco): a new trend, they are chocolates that one gifts oneself A tradition started by the Japanese National Confectionary Industry Association in the 1970, White day is an "answer day" to Valentine's Day. On March 14th, boys and men generally give cookies to the girls and women from whom they received chocolates a month earlier. According to the kind of chocolates received, the cookies given can imply that romantic feelings are reciprocated, or simply...

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Spring Break is coming!

For students in Japan, Spring Break is a very anticipated holiday: after a year of waking up early for classes, learning so many different things and participating in extra-curricular activities, it is finally time for a break free of the stress of exams and homework! And for many, it also means graduation: a day that celebrates one's achievements and hard work, before the beginning of something new. For all these reasons, Spring Break, or 春休み (read haru yasumi) is the perfect opportunity to try something new and different. Some university students, who enjoy longer holidays, will take advantage of their free time to prepare their future - it's the time for doing internships, arubaito (Japanese part-time jobs), or trying to get a driver's licence - while others will celebrate graduation by enjoying a 卒業旅行 (graduation trip) abroad with friends. For younger students and teachers, who enjoy a shorter break, there are luckily plenty of things to do around Tokyo in this season. For example, we know for a fact that Tokyo Disney Resort will be absolutely packed (but really, when is it not?), and the capital's popular landmarks, like the famous Meiji Jingu, the Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree,...

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EHT celebrates young women for Hina Matsuri!

Every year in early March, Japan celebrates Hina Matsuri, a very special day dedicated to young girls. A few days before Hina Matsuri, families with daughters install in their living room a platform of different stages covered with a red carpet, where a set of dolls representing the Emperor, the Empress, attendants and musicians are displayed. Often handmade by very famous artists, the dolls wear traditional court dresses of the Japanese Heian period, and can be very expensive. For this reason, it is not uncommon for the sets to be passed down several generation of a family, from great-grandmothers to great-granddaughters. Originally, on the day of the celebration, families would go to the temple to pray for their daughters to grow strong and healthy, but nowadays, people more often gather to have a nice family dinner and sometimes give present for the young girls in the family. At Escape Hunt Tokyo, we believe in empowering our young girls and helping them build self-confidence to give them the best start in their lives. Our games, accessible from 7 years-old and up, are the perfect mix for an exciting and educational family activity: for an hour, join your young detectives who...

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Japan launches the Premium Friday!

If you live and work in Japan, you must be aware of the country's long working hours. Large amounts of monthly overtime is a common thing, and it is not rare for Japanese workers to only take half of their paid leaves entitlements, which has long been an issue. But here is the good news: this February 24th, the government, along with some business groups, will launch the Premium Friday campaign. In an attempt to curb the country's long work hours and boost consumption, it has decided to let workers leave at 3pm on the last Friday of every month, to start their weekend earlier than ever. So far, the number of companies that will participate in the campaign is still unknown, but you might very well be among the lucky ones to start their last weekend of the month earlier! And if this is the case, how will you spend this extra free time? Among the obvious answers are shopping, of course, but also travelling, and for those who cannot go too far, fun and exciting activities such as our Escape Games! Come and share an hour of fun with you colleagues, friends or family: solve puzzles and...

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Tokyo Marathon 2017!!

For many runners in Japan, the Tokyo Marathon is THE event of the year. Dating back to 1981, the Tokyo Marathon originally consisted of two separate events: the Tokyo International Marathon, which took place in even-numbered years, and the Tokyo - New York Friendship International Marathon, which took place on odd-numbered years. In 2007, those two events were combined into one, to become the Tokyo Marathon as we know it today. Taking place at the end of February, it is one of the six World Marathon Majors (along with the Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City Marathons), and gathers thousands of participants each year from all around the world. This year's Marathon will be different, however, as the organizers have decided to modify the course for a more symbolic and impressive finish line: instead of ending at Tokyo Big Sight as years past, the race will now finish at Tokyo Station's Gyoko-dori, with the participants running in front of the Imperial Palace for the last stretch. One thing that hasn't changed though, is that the course will still run through Tokyo's traditional Asakusa, and of course, we'll be there, waiting for you! If you plan on going...

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Valentine's day in tokyo

Will you be our Valentines?

Valentine's day at EHT From Saturday February 4th until Tuesday February 14th, Escape Hunt Tokyo will celebrate Valentine’s Day! Would you like to surprise your loved ones? For 11 days, you will have a chance to hide a small gift or card in our game rooms to surprise the people you love during your escape: send us an e-mail in advance or give us a call, and we will do our best to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable! And because we love you so much, we have also hidden a surprise inside our rooms for those who successfully escape! After the game, make the day even more special and take an adorable picture with our Valentine’s Day Foto Funnies. Love is in the air… at Escape Hunt Experience Tokyo!

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It’s Setsubun at EHT!

Out with the Demon, in with the Fortune: it's Setsubun! Every year, Japan celebrates Setsubun on February 3rd, a day before Spring, according to the old Japanese calendar. On that day, a special ritual is performed to cleanse away all the evil of the previous year, and drive away the evil spirits for the year to come: it's Mamemaki. Litteraly "bean scattering", Mamemaki sees the male head of the household wearing a demon mask and being chased out of the house, while the rest of the family throws roasted beans at him and slam the door behind him, chanting "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" (see title). To ensure luck, the roasted beans are then eaten: one for each year of one's life. For this Setsubun, Escape Hunt Tokyo prepared something special for you: from Wednesday February 1st until Friday February 3rd, the groups who manage to escape our rooms will get a surprise as a reward! Come and celebrate Setsubun with us, and... beware of the Demon!

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Introducing very interesting TEAM BUILDING activity – ESCAPE ROOM

ESCAPE ROOM GAME made TEAM BUILDING A team that works well together provides a good work environment, is more productive, and of course, happier! And whether you want to test your team’s ability to work together, or renew their motivation, nothing is better than a good old team building activity! Well, good, yes, but old… no thank you! Escape Hunt Experience Tokyo specializes in a new generation of exciting and fun team building activities: the escape games. Escape games are based on a simple principle: you and your team are locked in a room for an hour, and have exactly this much time (not one minute more) to escape. To do so, you must solve different puzzles, a good opportunity to put your team work to the test! What makes escape room games ideal team building activities, you ask? First, they are just really FUN: for an hour, you leave your daily life behind and enter a new world, where you are given an important mission and get to be the heroes of the day! Another good reason is, you get to know how you and your colleagues react to a variety of different challenges. As the game is...

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New game times available!

New game times available! From December 19th 2016, all of our games will start at 10am. Start the morning with an exciting 60 minutes’ challenge and enjoy the rest of the day exploring Tokyo! Having friends and family coming over? Looking for fun activities to do for the upcoming holiday season? Book now for Tokyo’s best Escape Hunt Experience! Operating hours as of December 19th 2016: 9:30 – 20:30 (last game from 19:00).

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Escape Hunt Experience Tokyo’s 1st anniversary surprise!

To celebrate our first anniversary and thank you all for your support and enthusiasm this past year, we have prepared a unique event with even more puzzles and brain-teasing! Come and celebrate with us, with a new and limited escape game! The Temple Quest: Heart Purification Enter Asakusa’s Ryokusen-ji temple and take a boat for a risky journey on a mystique river… but be warned, for only those with the purest hearts will reach their destination safely! With the help of Ryokusen-ji’s Chief Priest Kakuho Aoe and the priest Mori Yujun (Nozoin temple), and with the technical support of Koozyt Co., Ltd and the design support of Biotope Co., Ltd, we created a perfect blend of Japanese culture and new technology to surprise you once again. Take a break from the hustle of Tokyo: discover the principles of Buddhism and purify your soul and heart while challenging yourself and having fun! Available in both English and Japanese, The Temple Quest is the perfect activity to share with colleagues, friends or family. Warning: this amazing event will only last 5 days, so make sure to book before it’s too late! Information Event period: October 3rd – October 7th 2016 Location:...

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Help the groom to be to find his missing bride before the wedding begins!

Help the groom to be to find his missing bride before the wedding begins! 100 years ago in old Asakusa, a beautiful young bride-to-be suddenly disappeared. Was she kidnapped? You must find out before the wedding starts! BOOK NOW

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To kill or not to kill? 運命を握るのはあなたです。

Book Samurai Espionage now and turn back time to an era long long ago.

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