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Do you host corporate team building and events?
We do! So why don’t you plan your next team building exercise at Escape Hunt Tokyo?

Individuals can practice brainstorming, collaboration, creativity, trust, and feedback. Most of these activities focus on areas such as problem solving, organizational development, and conflict resolution. Participants can also develop leadership, interpersonal, presentation, and negotiation skills.

What Escape Hunt can help you with:
– Teambuilding
– Leadership
– Delegation
– Assessment for candidates
– Assessment for promotions
– Assessment for skills and skill gaps
– Group competitions
– Psychometric testing
– Team bonding

Another option is to enjoy Escape Hunt Experience as a pre-party experience. It will warm up the mood and your party will be more enjoyable!

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Previous events:
– Amadeus
– Australian Embassy
– Bain & Company
– Berkeley International School
– Boston Consulting Group
– Bromsgrove International School
– CCH Asia PTE Ltd
– Champion Motors
– Changi Travel Services Pte.,Ltd.
– CP Foods
– Cyborgs
– David Robinson(DHL)
– dFusion
– Effem
– Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC
– Eveline Ong
– ExonMobil Limited
– Fine Resort
– Footsteps Worldwide
– Forever Travel Service Co., Ltd.
– Gainor Reid
– Global Rescure
– Google
– Grant Thoronton Services Ltd.
– HB Design
– Home Space
– HP
– International Labour Organization (ILO)
– Nike
– Merck & Co.
– Pentel
– Shell Co.
– Triumph
– TUI Travel Company
– Unilever
– University of Washington

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