Escape Hunt

Detective? Suspect? Butler? … Become the main character in a mystery!

Everyone loves reading or watching a great mystery. We always think that we could solve the puzzle before the characters in the story do. Are you sure?

Now you can put your wits to the test in a real live mystery adventure!

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Tucked away on the 6th floor above the streets of Asakusa, the elevator door open on a luxurious lounge with classic leather sofas. This is where your story starts.

Your game master briefs you (…can you trust them?…) before guiding you into a mysterious room. With one last “Good luck!” and the closing of a door, the lights come up to reveal the setting for your adventure.

After you take in the contents of the room, it is time to start looking for clues, develop a hypothesis, strategize, and execute your plan. Did it work? Try again!

But keep a cool head. Patience will reward you with a breakthrough.

To unlock each stage of your mystery, you will need all of your critical senses: observation, analysis, logic, intuition, communication, and more. But the mission is not yours alone! You will need to work with others to succeed before your 60 minutes run out.

That is the Escape Hunt Experience: the world-renowned, real escape game mystery!

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I. Features of Escape Hunt

1. Fun & Adventure

Spend an hour and a half with us including your 60-minute game plus time afterward to relax in the lounge with light snacks and tea.

With an average escape game in Japan, your time limit is about 15 minutes for a few thousand yen.
At Escape Hunt, we have created in-depth stories using a collection of puzzles guaranteed to delight and inspire. Add in your time to chat with teammates over tea and snacks plus picture time with period costumes, crazy props and a sense of fun, your 90 minutes with us is time well spent.

2. Private Experience: Just for You

Escape Hunt is a completely personal experience for you to share only with your close friends, family or colleagues.

Other entertainment experiences often require participants to join a group of strangers, a situation that may not be comfortable for all to express themselves. We know that for many, the Escape Hunt experience will be the first time to try an escape game. Our grouping system guarantees that your time will be a private for only you and your team. This way, everyone can focus on solving puzzles and finding clues shoulder to shoulder with those they trust the most.

3. Professional International Service

When it is time to impress others with a deluxe experience that they will never forget, look no further than Escape Hunt. Our games and services are bilingual thanks to our knowledgable, experienced staff.

We are a particularly good choice for groups of professionals who are gathering from around the world for a meeting or conference. If you need a team building experience to break the ice or strengthen bonds between members, count on our expertise to give you a winning reputation.

Are you celebrating something special? We are a great place to celebrate:
– a birthday
– an anniversary
– even stage a marriage proposal!
Get in touch and we will help you put the finishing touches on a great event.

4. Sophisticated Urban Location & Easy Access

Conveniently located in the historical downtown district of Asakusa, Escape Hunt is a natural part of an exciting Tokyo sightseeing itinerary.

Public transportation access includes 4 nearby train lines: Asakusa Line, Ginza Line, Tobu Line, Tsukuba Express.

・4 minutes from Akihabara (Tsukuba Express)
・14 minutes from Ginza (Ginza Line)
・20 minutes from Shinjuku (JR Chuo Line + Ginza Line)

Both before and after your adventure at Escape Hunt, be sure to include the many other historic sites, exciting shops, and gourmet restaurants nearby. You are only minutes away from the Kappabashi “kitchen town” or from the world-famous Sensoji temple. Your day in Asakusa includes so much more!

5. 3 Japanese Themed Stories

At Escape Hunt, we have a trio of exciting mysteries to explore.

(1) Be the Detective who solves the mystery of the Runaway Bride!

The setting is 100 years ago. A bride-to-be goes missing.
She may have been kidnapped, but the clues point to something else…
Only you are the Detective who can unlock the mystery!

(2) Your loyalty to the Shogun is put to the test in Samurai Espionage!

It is the end of the Tokugawa era and you are a general charged with protecting the Shogun. But a message has arrived warning of an assassin! Time is running out for you to secure the castle… or to follow a different path…

(3) Achieve a higher state of spirituality through the discovery of ZEN…

Enter the dojo. Your monk apprenticeship begins.
Your master has issued a challenge.
From the chaos around you, find order.
Will you achieve a higher state of enlightenment?

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II. Your Escape Hunt Experience: Applied Results

1. <Team Bonding>

Whether it is couples, family members, friends, or work colleagues, each group dynamic effects how you approach different challenges.
Thanks to modern technology, we are in contact more than ever though email, text chat, social media. But how often do we get to communicate in a shared space?

Put your devices away and work together side-by-side. Celebrate your achievements together, in real-time, in a real place. The human touch of the Escape Hunt Experience will elevate your relationships to a higher level.

2. <Stress Release>

60 minutes flies by! When was the last time you were completely absorbed by a challenge?

At the beginning of every mystery, the main characters start formulating all of the questions: What? Who? When? How?
Is there any way to find the answers? Your initial confusion slowly gives way to understanding and before you know it, you are engaged with a puzzle that takes all of your attention and focus… Time’s up! Where did the hour go?!

For one hour, players forget about daily life to be immersed in an unusual task. Step outside of your comfort zone to try on a different persona on a mysterious adventure.

3. <Brain Games>

Stay sharp, keep your mind active through training.

As an Escape Hunt Martial Artist (!?), you will use parts of your brain that are not normally exercised. Like after any good work out, you will feel satisfied from using brain “muscles” that are usually idle. Really!

Put away your computer, your cell phone, your social media and other modern distractions. Your mind and body are now free to engage with a completely different set of objects, tools and curiosities, all with their own secrets to reveal. Your brain is stronger and you are more alert!

4. <Relax>

And now, a cool down session…
After working out problems and finding answers, pull up a chair in the luxurious lounge to relax. Chat with the other players about your accomplishments over some light snacks and hot tea.

5. <Communication>

You don’t have to take this challenge on alone. Communication with your team mates will be critical to your success. Work together, triumph together!

Even after your game is over, the lines of communication are open.
“Did you notice how that puzzle worked?”
“Without that clue you found, we couldn’t have done it!”
“I’m glad we asked for that hint when we did.”
Your game is over, but your time with friends, family or colleagues continues on.

6. <Memories>

No matter if you win or lose, the experience will be remembered fondly by all. Capture the moment with a group photo. Get into the mood with costumes, props and seasonal decorations. Share your pictures far and wide to spread the word about the great time you had.

7. <Power Up!>

Mystery! Concentration! Stress! Excitement! Success! Relief!

Your escape from the everyday routine will leave you energized and ready to take on new challenges with an open, refreshed mind. The thrills of Escape Hunt will keep you fired up… until your next Escape Hunt Adventure!

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  • Jelena
    on July 2, 2017 Reply

    Dear Madam or Sir
    My friend and I would love to do this escape game in Tokyo. We would like to know if the game is coming in english as well as we are not able to read or speack japanese!

    • Author
      on July 31, 2017 Reply

      Hi Jelena!

      We apologize for our late reply, and thank you for your interest in our games.
      All the clues and puzzles inside our game rooms are in both English and Japanese, and our Game Masters can speak both languages.

      We are looking forward to seeing you try our games.

      Kind regards,
      Escape Hunt Tokyo

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