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Escape Hunt Experience Tokyo’s 1st anniversary surprise!

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To celebrate our first anniversary and thank you all for your support and enthusiasm this past year, we have prepared a unique event with even more puzzles and brain-teasing!

Come and celebrate with us, with a new and limited escape game!

The Temple Quest: Heart Purification

The 本堂イメージ画像

Enter Asakusa’s Ryokusen-ji temple and take a boat for a risky journey on a mystique river… but be warned, for only those with the purest hearts will reach their destination safely!

With the help of Ryokusen-ji’s Chief Priest Kakuho Aoe and the priest Mori Yujun (Nozoin temple), and with the technical support of Koozyt Co., Ltd and the design support of Biotope Co., Ltd, we created a perfect blend of Japanese culture and new technology to surprise you once again.

Take a break from the hustle of Tokyo: discover the principles of Buddhism and purify your soul and heart while challenging yourself and having fun! Available in both English and Japanese, The Temple Quest is the perfect activity to share with colleagues, friends or family.

Warning: this amazing event will only last 5 days, so make sure to book before it’s too late!

Event period: October 3rd – October 7th 2016
Location: Ryokusen-ji (Taito Nishiasakusa 1-8-5)
Time: 11:30 – 22:00 (last entry at 20:30)
Fee: ¥3,300 – ¥4,200 (book online and get 10% off!)
Organizer: Escape Hunt Experience Tokyo (Taito-ku, Tokyo Asakusa 1-10-5KN Asakusa building 6F)
Co-host: Kohgen (representative: Tomomitsu Masaomi) and Koozyt Co., Ltd. (President: Takahiko Sueyoshi)
In collaboration with: Kakuho Aoe, Mamoru Yujun and Biotope Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshiki Hataya)


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