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Escape Hunt Welcomes Tokyo International Players!

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Cast and crew for the English language stage production of The Diary of Anne Frank play Samurai Espionage!

Team building is necessary for many different kinds of groups to develop closer bonds. This is especially true for actors coming together to create a moving theatrical experience. For the cast and crew of the Tokyo International Players production of The Diary of Anne Frank, Escape Hunt was the perfect place to build trust and work as an ensemble. Director Jonah Hagans put his actors into two competing groups to play the same game, Samurai Espionage. It was an opportunity to see how his actors would work together in a unique environment.

“It is important in this show for the actors to use the physical space on stage to create relationships with each other,” the director said. “Playing an escape game early in the production process gave the actors a reference point that could be called upon as they inhabit their characters and encounter the dramatic situations in the play.”

Of course, it was also a fun time! The cast in this production is a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds. Because the two teams were playing the same game, everyone got to compare their experience after the game.

The Diary of Anne Frank opens this Thursday, May 18th at Theater Bon Bon in Nakano, and runs until Sunday, May 21st. Some performances are already sold out, so don’t wait to get your tickets here!

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