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Introducing very interesting TEAM BUILDING activity – ESCAPE ROOM

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A team that works well together provides a good work environment, is more productive, and of course, happier! And whether you want to test your team’s ability to work together, or renew their motivation, nothing is better than a good old team building activity! Well, good, yes, but old… no thank you!
Escape Hunt Experience Tokyo specializes in a new generation of exciting and fun team building activities: the escape games.

Escape games are based on a simple principle: you and your team are locked in a room for an hour, and have exactly this much time (not one minute more) to escape. To do so, you must solve different puzzles, a good opportunity to put your team work to the test!

What makes escape room games ideal team building activities, you ask? First, they are just really FUN: for an hour, you leave your daily life behind and enter a new world, where you are given an important mission and get to be the heroes of the day!
Another good reason is, you get to know how you and your colleagues react to a variety of different challenges. As the game is also a race against time, with a countdown to remind you of the limited time that you have to escape, everyone must act quickly.

The Players’ behaviors during an escape game reveal a lot about their personalities: are they taking notes to help them order their ideas? Do they search the room methodically, only to examine their findings carefully, or do they go through everything leaving a mess behind them? Do they share their findings with the whole team, or do they try to solve the puzzles on their own?

Not only does the game reveal a lot about Players individually, it tells a lot about the team as a whole, and shows new dynamics. Did the team work out a strategy to reach their common goal? Did they communicate well? Did they listen to each other and discuss each member’s idea? Did they make sure that everyone would get a chance at solving a puzzle, or did they choose a leader that would make the important decisions? The way each team member and the team as a whole approaches our puzzles can be very interesting. You will often notice that one person is good with numbers, while another is better at spotting small details or finding hidden objects. With their different skills, team members really do complement each other!

After the game comes the debriefing: you can sit down with your teammates, relax with some snacks and tea, and go over the high points of your experience. How did you manage to solve this tricky puzzle? Why did you spend so much time on this other one? How come you didn’t find a solution that was right in front of your eyes? This moment is an important part of the team building activity as it allows you to point out your strengths, but also your weaknesses as a team, and thus, the areas to improve in your team work.

The debriefing is over and you have learned a lot about yourself and your team. It’s now time to put your new insights to work! And the good news is, you now have all the elements to become or remain a successful team.

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Team Building

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